Pricing for Home Owners


We have a clear & simple pricing structure

Just £48.00* for each Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) up to 5 bedroom property covering:

Flats / Maisonettes




Fixed Price

The fixed price is charged regardless of bedroom quantity because a small property can take just as long to assess as a large one.

For example a ‘modern 4 bedroom house’ can be easier and less complex to inspect than a ‘pre-1900 2 bed house’ which has had modifications to structure, heating system etc.


Over 5 Bedrooms

However for ‘over 5 bedroom’ properties I need to charge a ‘little’ more depending on size, so if you have a very large house, country mansion.......or even a castle or palace!!.......simply contact me and we can sort a sensible price.


Same Day Service Available

We carry out Domestic Energy Assessments 7 Days a Week.......dawn till dusk. Approx 0700 – 2200 daily (or until darkness).

We aim to issue your Energy Performance Certificate day after inspection, however we CAN provide a ‘same-day’ service upon request – just contact me


Special Offer

If you require a re-assessment after implementing the EPC recommendations, we will offer 20% off the fixed price.


Payment Terms

We request a cheque on the day of the inspection visit.

All cheques made payable to “Easy Energy Assessments”.

For full detail see terms & conditions



* Fixed Price applicable up to 15 miles radius of Trowbridge. Additional distance charged at 20p per mile.

At Easy Energy Assessments we really do make the whole process EASY

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What do you get for your Money?

An appointment date & time to suit you, and pre-visit explanation of assessment process.

A thorough inspection of your property in line with convention guidelines.

The Energy Certificate produced and delivered to you, or your ‘agent’, as required via Post or E-mail.

All elements of the Certificate fully explained eg; your Energy rating, Recommendations etc.

The Certificate lodged with Landmark Registry (government portal where All EPCs must be stored)

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