What’s in the Home Information Pack?

Compulsory items -

The following documents must be included in a Home Information Pack.

Home Information Pack Index

Energy Performance Certificate

Sale statement

Standard searches

Evidence of title

Additional information for leasehold and commonhold sales, where appropriate.

Optional items

Home Condition Report

Legal Summary

Home Use/ Home contents forms

Other Searches (eg. mining searches)


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What The Certificate Looks Like
Rented and Social Housing
About Energy Perfomance Certificates

Home Information Packs


Every Home For Sale

Since 14/12/07 every home put on the market for sale, regardless of size, must have a Home Information Packs (HIPs). This covers the whole residential market in England & Wales.


✓ Benefits for Sellers

Providing a pack up front should reduce likelihood of nasty surprises in the process that could delay the sale, as buyers can make more informed decisions about purchasing your property.


✓ Benefits for Buyers

The pack provides essential information about the property they are considering buying – free of charge to them.



Who can produce the Home Information Pack?

Normally the Estate Agent will produce it in conjunction with a Solicitor, however you can produce your own pack if you have the time and desire.



Regardless of who produces the Home Information Pack, the Energy Performance Certificate can ONLY be produced by a qualified and accredited Domestic Energy Assessor.


You can find more information on Home Information Packs on their website.


If you wish to produce your own pack and would like me to do your Energy Performance Certificate please contact me for a chat.

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