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I hope all the information you need is within our website but here a few of the common questions we get asked:


Q. Why do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?

A) Due to EU legislation (EPBD 2002/91) and EPC is required when a building is constructed, sold, or rented and covers all residential properties of all bedroom quantities.


Q. How long will the survey take?

A) We will normally be at your property for approximately one hour. The calculations are completed at our office and the Certificate will be produced within 24 hours.


Q. Will I need to be at home when the surveyor arrives? 

A) Yes it would be preferable if you are at home as we need access to your property and will also need to ask a few simple questions. 


Q. What is included in the Energy Performance Certificate? 

A) The Certificate will look broadly similar to a certificate on a refrigerator. Its purpose is to record in a clear way how energy efficient the home is as a building. Using colour charts, the EPC records the ‘current rating’ and compares this with a ‘potential rating’ which the owner should ideally aim for. Here is an example of an Energy Performance Certificate.


Q. Who can produce the Energy Certificate?. 

A) The Energy Performance Certificate can only be completed by a qualified and licensed Domestic Energy Assessor or Home Inspector.


Q. Does the Energy Performance Certificate need completing before a property is marketed?

A) Yes - the Certificate must be attached to the property details as supplied by the estate agent. Also proof must be provided that the legal documents and searches have been ordered by your Home Information Pack provider.


Q. Who has access and permission to view the Energy Performance Certificate?

A) Permission to view the contents of an Energy Performance Certificate by estate agents or prospective buyers must be given by the owner of the pack. The certificate is also registered with ‘Landmark Registry’.


Q. How long does the Energy Performance Certificate last for?

A) For domestic properties it is valid for 12 months whilst on the market, then as long as the new homeowner remains in the property. But a new EPC is required each time the property is put on the market again. For rented properties the EPC is valid for 10 years, so when changing tenants during this period no new EPC is required. This applies to both Private and Social Sector landlords.


Q. Do I need to market my property to get an Energy Performance Certificate?

A) No, you can request an EPC at any time if you wish to see your property’s rating with a view to a future sale, or simply to improve your energy efficiency and lower your running costs.


Q. If I am not happy with the result of the survey or EPC can I challenge it?

A. Yes, all Domestic Energy Assessors are governed by their ‘accreditation scheme’ - ours is Northgate


Q. Do I need a Home Information Pack to get an Energy Performance Certificate?

A) No, you only require a HIP when you put your home on the market. The EPC will be part of this pack, but you can also request the EPC from a separate EPC provider – contact me. For full detail on the pack click Home Information Pack

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