Energy Saving Recommendations

There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient, regardless of it’s size or age.

Improving the energy efficiency of your home can mean either making changes to the building, or simply changing your behaviour to save energy. Energy Performance Certificates will give you advice on both of these areas.

Behaviour Changes

There are some very simple and practical ways you and your family can improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs by focusing on how you use your home.

The three most obvious and effective are:

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Energy Saving Recommendations
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The above information is by no means exhaustive but hopefully gives you a flavour of some of the energy saving measures you can choose to make.

For a more detailed guidance simply click on Energy Saving Trust and browse their website.

* Assumed savings to energy running costs are an ‘average’ taken from industry collection data and can vary according to each property’s circumstance. SAP rating is the energy running cost label rating 1-100.


Cost Guidelines

The cost of recommended measures will vary according to the specification of each property, but the certificate will distinguish clearly between ‘Low Cost Measures’ under £500 (above), and ‘other ‘Higher Cost Measures’ which are a bit more expensive and will take longer to repay their cost in energy savings, but offer good improvement to energy rating. See EPC example

For example:


Central Heating System

New or replacement systems can be expensive but have enormous benefits also. Changing to an ‘A’ rated Gas ‘Condensing’ Boiler may cost ave £1500-2000 but can improve rating by up to +47 and save £170 a year on running costs. Payback is approx 7 – 9 years.


Double Glazing

This is not such a good measure regards energy efficiency. It is expensive (ave £4000 – 5000), can take up to 97 years to payback, and only improve energy rating by about +4 points. It is however great for sound proofing, security, and is low maintenance.

Installing Energy Efficient Measures

Here is a list of some of the measures the Energy Performance Certificate might recommend

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