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Legal Requirement

From 1st August 2007 it became legal requirement for the ‘Seller’ of domestic properties to provide a Home Information Pack (HIP) to the ‘Buyer’, documenting essential information about the property with objective of giving the buyer confidence and making the process more efficient and transparent.


Part of the Home Information Pack

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was introduced as an important part of the HIP as it indicates the property’s Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact. It awards the property a special ‘rating’ and outlines practical and cost effective recommendations to improve the rating.

Under the E.U. Energy Performance Build Directive (EPBD) 2002/91EC, an EPC is required when a building is constructed, sold, or rented and now covers residential / domestic properties of ALL bedroom quantities.


Who Produces the Energy Performance Certificate?

The EPC can only be produced by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor who is fully qualified and registered with an approved Accreditation scheme.

Whetehr an Estate Agents or Solicitor provides the Home Information Pack, or if the Home Owner provides their own pack, a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor must be used to produce the Energy Certificate.


How Long is the Certificate Valid For?

For residential sale properties the EPC is valid for 12 months whilst on the market, then for as long as the new homeowner remains in the property, but a new EPC is required each time the property is put on the market again.


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